What is Women in Super?

Women in Super (WiS) is a national network of women associated with the retirement savings and wider financial services industry in New Zealand. It is a non-profit organisation with voluntary membership.

WiS was established over 20 years ago, inspired at the time by its Australian counterpart, which is now a powerful lobby group representing Australian women in financial services.

What does Women in Super do?

WiS seeks to connect women within the financial services industry, recognising collaboration and support can be the most effective way of generating actions that improve financial outcomes for women.

WiS organises meetings and events throughout the year. These may be in the form of lunch or breakfast meetings with speakers from business, government or the financial services industry.

We also prepare submissions and public comment on retirement savings issues and draft policies that reflect the impact and needs of women.

Each year we run activities to support Money Week. We also support female-focused education and training run by other providers.

Our objectives

The three major aims of WiS are to:

  1. Improve the financial wellbeing of women by advocating women’s specific financial and retirement planning needs and challenges
  2. Increase the number of women in decision-making positions within the financial services industry including by providing opportunities for women to develop personal and professional networks.
  3. Provide and/or support – education and training that empowers women of all ages to
    1. become more financially aware and take a more active role in setting financial objectives; and
    2. make good financial decisions throughout their lives, develop long-term retirement savings plans and secure their financial future.

Who runs Women in Super?

WiS is run by an elected management committee comprising representatives from service providers, regulatory bodies and superannuation funds.

The current management committee is:


Morven Booth Treasurer, Memberships (AKL) 029 200 9829 email
Tracey Cross Chair, Industry Relationships (AKL) 09 916 3773 email
Louise Gibson Secretariat (WLG) 027 341 7809 email
Maria Flaherty Auckland Events, Comms (newsletter) (AKL) 021 709 963 email
Prue Tyler Policy (AKL) email
Philippa Newlove  Policy  (AKL) email
Gillian Boyes Communications (WLG) email
Vanessa Jenness Assistant Treasurer, Membership admin support (AKL) email

Co-opted Volunteer:

Jenny Edwards Wellington Events

Tracy Mealing

Annual Report

For a copy of the 2021 annual report please contact us.