Prue Tyler Director – Shift Advisory

I am a senior financial services lawyer and director of SHIFT Advisory Limited (SHIFT is a ‘newlaw’ law firm that provides senior lawyers and risk and compliance consultants to clients in a flexible and transparent way).  I have worked in financial services regulation advising clients on wealth and investments both in private practice and in-house for the past 10 years. I am passionate about empowering Kiwis – especially women, to engage in and make informed decisions about their financial future. I think with COVID, together with the raft of regulatory changes coming at the industry (COFI, FSLAA etc), it is an exciting time for the industry to pause: and reflect on how to deliver services to Kiwis differently, through the lens of empowerment and best customer outcomes at the fore.

I have three children, aged 10, 8 and 5, and I love being outdoors, whether swimming running or walking! I am a keen podcast listener, and I loved the Auckland Writers Festival Sunday morning series through lockdown.

I am honoured at the opportunity to be co-opted on to the Women in Super Committee, and look forward to contributing to relevant and thought provoking events over the year as we navigate these strange times.

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